Att vara först eller att vara exklusiv #journalist

Är scoop-mentaliteten dålig för nyhetsvärdet och hur förhåller sig det till medborgarjournalister som gärna ser sig vara “först” med att förmedla på 140 tecken?

Intressanta tankar från Amy Graham:

If the audience doesn’t care who’s first, nobody in the news business can truly win on that basis


“The scoop is another scion of the competitive news mindset. There are two kinds of scoops: 1. The exclusive. Uncovering a unique story through enterprise; something that probably would otherwise have gone unreported. These scoops are great for everyone. Exclusives broaden the universe of topics covered in the news, and so can enrich public discourse. 2. Being first. Disseminating news of an issue or event before any other news outlet. The classic case is the frenzy among major news orgs to be the “first to call” a presidential election. But it can also mean being the first to report on a polluted site, or a lawsuit, or any definable newsworthy issue. This distinction, I’d argue, has not only ceased to be meaningful—most of the time it’s an outright red herring that damages the quality of news and ill-serves audiences.”

Why the “Scoop” Mentality is Bad for News by Amy Gahran via Knight Digital Media Center

Av Fredrik Andersson

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