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The inherit problem with Google+

Well, yes, I do feel like +Bradley Horowitz expresses it in Wired: ”The biggest challenge they face is what we call the noisy-stream problem, in which a few active people overwhelm the conversation…” And yes, I can curate better and take more control over what is flowing and from where, but there is an intuitive problem inherit in Google+ . It’s so easy to put people in circles and in that sense, broaden your horizons. But at the same time, the easiness in that function (putting people in circles) is engineerical driven, not usability driven.

It’s a difference in approach. Google should have started with the flow, and then look at how people want their flow. Instead it seems that they started with the functions of circles, and then, now, are trying to solve the noisy-stream problem.

I may be wrong, but this is how I see it.

Av Fredrik Andersson

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