#Klout and the person within

There are few that have missed the changes in Klout I guess. Meaning, among those who care about scores and stuff like that…so…hopefully, very few there as well.

But Social Media Today gives us this, the answer to the question:

How do you increase your Klout Score?

  • Be outgoing with involved users. Interacting with inactive users can lower your score.
  • Be the big man on campus. Try to get more people to follow you than you follow in return.
  • Be trendy. Follow the trending topics and add your own twist to the conversation.

In other words, be a fuckin’ prick! 

Av Fredrik Andersson

Fredrik Andersson, skribent och kreatör för webbplatsen. De tankar, idéer och åsikter som uttrycks här är mina egna som privatperson.