Short summary of my education, mainly the higher academic level. High-school at Kungsgårdsskolan, Norrköping, thereafter college-level studies in international marketing in Washington D.C. Higher academic studies at Linköping University. During my work experience I have other educative moments as well, primarily concerning communication, crisis communication, social media and leadership.

Informations- och medievetenskap

Informatics and mediated communication
D-level – Linköping University, Faculty of Computer Sciences. The study of information and how it can be manifested in different shapes and formats, accessible through various systems. Course description >>

Teoretisk filosofi

Analytic philosophy and philosophy of science
C-level – Linköping University, Faculty of Human Sciences. As the old Greeks would say… An easy way of distinction between moral philosophy and analytic philosophy is that the sooner deals with right or wrong and the latter with what is true or false.


Political sciences
C-level – Linköping University. Everything is politics some would say. I’m not sure but the study of politics is definately worth the effort. I did concentrate on the international arena for politics but domestic and administrative went under my curious eyes as well.

Other courses

There are a number of other courses taken, some with clear connections to the main ones, others stand more alone. Japankunskap 5 p, EU-kunskap 5 p, Computer-mediated-communication 5 p, Utvecklingsekonomi 10 p. Credits are stated in the ”old” way and not Bologna-style which means roughly that 1 p is 1,5 in Bologna-reference.

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